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Home Grown Theatrical Talent

Theatrical talent was shining in the Northern Avalon this summer. Cupids 400 and New World Theatre’s Indeavour Stage provided “once in a lifetime” entertainment, in which local performers participated. At the same time, community theatre which has been growing over the past decade in the towns of Brigus and Bay Roberts was thriving.

Bay Roberts had three separate successful shows. A Time in Pigeon Inlet, a Newfoundland “time,” featuring singing, instrumental music, storytelling and sketches (based on Ted Russell’s Tales from Pigeon Inlet) is in its third season. Salt-water Moon, a drama, was on stage at the Victoria LOL#3 Museum and Playhouse, the second year for a David French play produced by Jerry Mercer and directed by Marc Warren. And, for the first time, An Evening with the Gosse Family (which featuring singing,  instrumental music, and skits) was held at Lodge McKay.

In Brigus, The Royal Shag Up, a comedy with music, is in its 9th sold out season.

What is Special About These Shows?

All four shows are first class productions with talented performers that have been enjoyed and praised by audiences from all over Canada. However, what is special is that each of these shows has a direct connection with the area.

Bay Roberts Shows

A Time in Pigeon Inlet, (pigeoninlet.ca) which features Newfoundland and Labrador’s first tradition bearer, Kelly Russell, and his family, is built around the stories of Kelly’s father, Newfoundland author Ted Russell, who was born on Coley’s Point.

The cast
The Cast of “A Time in Pigeon Inlet”

More photos from “A Time in Pigeon Inlet” > >

Salt-water Moon was written by David French, who was also born in Coley’s Point. David French moved to Toronto as a child when his father went upalong to work, but his plays are steeped in the history and mythology of this area of the province. Characters speak of the Bay Roberts Railway Station, the Klondyke, the Kyle, and the Labrador fishery.
You left without saying a word.
“Salt-water Moon” by David French

More photos from “Salt-water Moon” > >

An Evening with the Gosse Family featured the Gosse girls, Sonya and Michele, who grew up in Bay Roberts, and their Dad, Lewis, who was a teacher at Ascension Collegiate for years.
Sonya, Michele and Lewis GosseGed Backmore, who was in the audience, was moved by the Gosse rendition of his composition, “The Sea.” in three part harmony.

More photos from “An Evening with the Gosse Family” > >

Brigus Show

The Royal Shag Up has been collectively written over the years by the Baccalieu Players, people from the local region who act, sing and dance in the show.
The Cast!
The Cast of “A Royal Shag Up”

More photos from “A Royal Shag Up” > >

“Salt-water Moon” FREE September 24th and 25th during Canadian Culture Days.

And as a bottom line, you have another opportunity to see “Salt-water Moon” for FREE at the Victoria LOL #3 Museum and Playhouse during Culture Days, September 24-25.  You will be amazed at how certain words and phrases jump to life because the play is in context.  Most people who have seen several different productions of the show say this one has a different twist which you will thoroughly enjoy.  Friday night’s show is being sponsored by Moores Andrews Collins Law Offices. Saturday night’s show is being sponsored by Ruth Brown of Clarke Real Estate, Pam Norman of Exit Realty, Churchill’s Home Hardware, and Harbour International.
Moon and stars in the sky.
Moon and stars in the sky.

Information about “Salt-water Moon” on the Culture Days Website > >

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Welcome to our update!

Because we have been so busy with other people’s communications, we have been neglecting our own! We hope to keep up-to-date here.

Town of Bay Roberts

Veterans Quay Marina

Veterans' Quay Marina

The Town of Bay Roberts has been a client since 2003. In July 2008, there were an average of 408 visitors each day who viewed 1206 pages per day. For October 2008, there have been an average of 272 visitors each day who have viewed 834 pages per day. In the past year, there have been 108,000 visitors who have visited 290,00 pages. We believe we have succeeding in making Bay Roberts, a town of approximately 5414 [2006 census], very visible on the Web!

Cable Building - National Historic Site and Provincial Heritage Structure

Cable Building - National Historic Site and Provincial Heritage Structure

Over the summer, we were very busy with a variety of projects in the Town of Bay Roberts as well as maintaining their websites: www.bayroberts.com and www.bayrobertsevents.com

One of our projects the Bay Roberts Tourism & Leisure Guide during the summer. The 16 page guide is online – Bay Roberts Tourism & Leisure Guide – 2008

The previous year we completed a pamphlet on the Shoreline Heritage Walk. It contains information about the history of the walk and a detailed map which visitors can follow.

Shoreline Heritage Walk

Pigeon Inlet was successful beyond what we had hoped. For information about the project, see the website – www.pigeoninlet.ca and the blog unclemose.wordpress.com which we have been preparing.

We prepared albums of photos taken by Catherine and Steve Armager about the Pigeon Inlet launch –

Photos of Gala Launchand Pigeon Inlet Buffet

We also prepared a large storyboard on the Life of Ted Russell, which is on display at the Bay Roberts Visitor’s Pavilion:

Ted Russell Story Board.  Elizabeth Miller, Ted Russsells daughter [left]

Ted Russell Story Board. Elizabeth Miller, Ted Russell's daughter-left

In the middle of the summer, we prepared a flash presentation entitled “A Time in Pigeon Inlet”.Music in the flash presentation is by Kelly Russell.

We also designed a logo for the Pigeon Inlet project which will appear on all materials relating to Pigeon Inlet in the future:

Pigeon Inlet Logo

Pigeon Inlet Logo


We also worked various projects with the Joint Management Committee shared by the Town of Bay Roberts and the Town of Spaniard’s Bay. We developed 10 Wayside Exhibition Signs for the Shearstown Estuary. Six of the signs have been placed, while the others will be placed later.

Birds of the Shearstown Estuary

Birds of the Shearstown Estuary

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