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Bay Roberts Culture Days – 2011

Our community of Bay Roberts will be participating in Culture Days again on September 30th, October 1st, and October 2nd. Many people and businesses in our area have come together to plan and pay for these events, so that they are completely FREE to people of the region. Tickets and information about all events can be found at the Bay Roberts Visitor Information Centre or by calling 683-6377 or 683-1195  (Hours are Monday-Friday 10-5, closed weekends for Fall.)

Jerry Mercer will be presenting his production of David French’s “Salt-Water Moon” at the Victoria LOL #3 Playhouse on Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st.  The director is Marc Warren. Acacia Puddister is playing the role of Mary Mercer and he role of Jacob Mercer is being played by Bobby Hogan.

Friday night’s show is sponsored by RE/MAX East Coast Realty Ltd. –  786-2310 and Saturday night’s show is sponsored by Pam Norman, Exit Realty on the Rock – 683-8676. In addition, door prizes have been donated by “Inn By The Bay” in Dildo. – One night for two – Room and Dinner at Inn By The Bay Dining Room.(Value $315) and donated By “Klondyke Cottage” in Bay Roberts one night for two. (Value $149  )

Fresh Mussels
Fresh Mussels

Saturday, October 1, 2011, starting at 2:30 PM, a Mussel Boil will be held at the Three Sisters on the Shoreline Heritage Walk with Traditional NL Music by David Fitzpatrick, including Madrock song. The Three Sisters is a beautiful pebble beach surrounded by cliffs, accessed by stairs from the road to MadRock. The beach is a popular site for weddings, picnics, the caplin scull, geocaching, and other family activities.

Sponsored by Ruth Brown of Clarke Real Estate, Bay Roberts  Drawing for one night for two donated by the Bumblebee Bed and Breakfast in Brigus (Value $119.00).

Fergus Geocache #22
Fergus Geocache

Shoreline Heritage Walk Geocaching Weekend

Participants pick up “Cacheports” and drop them off at Bartlett’s Irving (next door to Shopper’s Drug Mart on the Conception Bay Highway.) Each cacheport contains GPS readings for 3 geocaches in Bay Roberts, one question and one sticker space for each geocache. The participants will find each geochache with an answer to the corresponding question, and place a sticker in the space. A drawing from the completed cacheports will made for the Prizes which will be two $40 gift certificates at the MadRock Cafe, sponsored by Baccalieu Consulting.

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Fergus Island

Fergus Island, originally uploaded by eracose.

Fergus Island is near the beginning of the Shoreline Heritage Walk. It is not far from the beginning of the trail. Fergus Island is named after Scottish merchant John Fergus who carried on a large supply business in 1812. The island viewed from French’s Cove depicts the image of a Newfoundland dog at rest with its paws stretched in front of its head.

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Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk

Perhaps, one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Newfoundland and Labrador is the Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk  [AKA Madrock Trail]. Many people who drive along the Conception Bay Highway, passing through Bay Roberts, are unaware of Bay Roberts East, the part of the town which is located on the tip of the Bay Roberts peninsula. The 4 km. walk is through some of the most spectacular scenery in the province, and many of the features built by early settlers, such as root cellars, rock walls, and even an old cemetery have been preserved.

The silence is striking. The only sounds are the cries of birds and the crunch of your foot steps. If you are a member of FaceBook or Flickr, you will see that each person who visits the Shoreline Walk comes home with amazing photos, that reflect what has impressed that particular individual.

Some of the well- known parts of the trail are French’s Cove (the site of early settlement), Juggle’s Cove,  and Fergus Island, which face towards Port de Grave and Bell Island,  Madrock – from which you can see Bell Island (on one side) and Upper Island Cove (on the other), and the Three Sisters, which faces towards Spaniard’s Bay, Bishop’s Cove and Upper Island Cove.

French’s Cove is the site of early settlement.
French's Cove - Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Walk

The set of photos of French’s Cove was taken in the fall, and had an atmosphere that reminded me of fairy stories that I had heard.  On the Flickr set, a number of fairy stories are include with the photos.

Fergus Island is named after a prominent merchant in the community.  From a certain angle, the island looks like a resting Newfoundland dog with its paws stretched in front of its face.
Fergus Island

Madrock –

Madrock offers spectacular views of the ocean, especially when the winds are high. In this photo, Upper Island Cove can be seen in the background. From other angles, Bell Island can be clearly seen.

In front of Madrocks, Upper Island Cove in far background.

The Three Sisters – A Pebble Beach
Mussel Boil on the Beach

During the summer of 2010, the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation is hosting another Mussel boil on the Beach on Sunday, July 11th.

Families from town also come to the beach during the caplin scull.  The caplin roll on the beaches, and families scoop them up to eat fresh or to salt and dry to eat year round.

Caplin Have Arrived

While you are in the Northern Avalon this summer, be sure to visit the Shoreline Heritage Trail. You can call the Bay Roberts office and ask for a guided tour. However, I think just following your own path, communing with nature and enjoying the scenery is an adventure.

Map of the Shoreline Heritage Walk  >  >

Neal O’Leary’s “Have You Ever Fell in Love” accompanies views of the Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk.

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Welcome to our update!

Because we have been so busy with other people’s communications, we have been neglecting our own! We hope to keep up-to-date here.

Town of Bay Roberts

Veterans Quay Marina

Veterans' Quay Marina

The Town of Bay Roberts has been a client since 2003. In July 2008, there were an average of 408 visitors each day who viewed 1206 pages per day. For October 2008, there have been an average of 272 visitors each day who have viewed 834 pages per day. In the past year, there have been 108,000 visitors who have visited 290,00 pages. We believe we have succeeding in making Bay Roberts, a town of approximately 5414 [2006 census], very visible on the Web!

Cable Building - National Historic Site and Provincial Heritage Structure

Cable Building - National Historic Site and Provincial Heritage Structure

Over the summer, we were very busy with a variety of projects in the Town of Bay Roberts as well as maintaining their websites: www.bayroberts.com and www.bayrobertsevents.com

One of our projects the Bay Roberts Tourism & Leisure Guide during the summer. The 16 page guide is online – Bay Roberts Tourism & Leisure Guide – 2008

The previous year we completed a pamphlet on the Shoreline Heritage Walk. It contains information about the history of the walk and a detailed map which visitors can follow.

Shoreline Heritage Walk

Pigeon Inlet was successful beyond what we had hoped. For information about the project, see the website – www.pigeoninlet.ca and the blog unclemose.wordpress.com which we have been preparing.

We prepared albums of photos taken by Catherine and Steve Armager about the Pigeon Inlet launch –

Photos of Gala Launchand Pigeon Inlet Buffet

We also prepared a large storyboard on the Life of Ted Russell, which is on display at the Bay Roberts Visitor’s Pavilion:

Ted Russell Story Board.  Elizabeth Miller, Ted Russsells daughter [left]

Ted Russell Story Board. Elizabeth Miller, Ted Russell's daughter-left

In the middle of the summer, we prepared a flash presentation entitled “A Time in Pigeon Inlet”.Music in the flash presentation is by Kelly Russell.

We also designed a logo for the Pigeon Inlet project which will appear on all materials relating to Pigeon Inlet in the future:

Pigeon Inlet Logo

Pigeon Inlet Logo


We also worked various projects with the Joint Management Committee shared by the Town of Bay Roberts and the Town of Spaniard’s Bay. We developed 10 Wayside Exhibition Signs for the Shearstown Estuary. Six of the signs have been placed, while the others will be placed later.

Birds of the Shearstown Estuary

Birds of the Shearstown Estuary

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