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New Year -2009

Two new websites are up and running.

The Mariner News – a website for Global Maine which is located in Harbour Grace. They are a high quality – commercial fishing broker. They offer used fishing vessels, full packages, fishing licenses, used fishing gear, processing licenses, and processing equipment.

The Mariner News - marinernews.com

The Mariner News - marinernews.com

The other site is for “Communities Against Violence,” a community group based in the region which educates the community on ways to overcome the various types of violence that seem to have become common in modern life. The site deals with long standing types of violence, such as child abuse, partner abuse, and dating abuse. It also deals with new types of violence that have been developed through the Internet, such as cyber bullying and internet predators.

Communities Against Violence - communitiesagainstviolence.com

Western Avalon Communities Against Violence - communitiesagainstviolence.com

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