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Work in November

We are finally completing work for the Shearstown Estuary Joint Management Committee.  Four new Wayside Signs will be ready for the spring of 2009, one on fish, one on invertebrates, one on flowers, and one on grasses.  These signs will be placed with the six bird signs that were finished last summer.


In addition, final editing has been completed on a Flash presentation about the Shearstown Estuary.  The presentation has many photos of the estuary and photos of many of the animals and plants.  The presentation can be seen here :

The Shearstown Estuary [It takes a little time to load, because it is large, but it is worth the wait!]

In addition to our regular work, we are working with two new clients:  Western Avalon Communities Against Violence and Global Marine Inc.

We are preparing print materials and a website for the Western Avalon Communities Against Violence. The website will focus on providing help and information for those threatened with violence as well as for the community.  There will be information about such types of violence as elder abuse, bullying, and cyber bullying – all of which have been in the news recently.

Global Marine Inc. are brokers for the fishing industry and will have a website and publish a periodical with listings of fishing vessels, fishing gear, and  fishing licences.

Both these projects are in new areas of interest – so they have been keeping us very busy.

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