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Busy Week for Cupids 400

How many events can you attend from June 14th-June 19th?

In Winterton

  • Opening June 14th The Winterton Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador will launch the Official Opening and Keel-laying Ceremony of  The Indeavour Saga Exhibit on Wednesday, June 14th at 11am.
    Alan Doyle, along with MP Scott Andrews, Minister Terry French and MHA Charlene Johnson, Bill Grandy, Program Manager ACOA will be in Winterton, Trinity Bay on June 14th, 2010 at 11:00 AM to launch the Official Opening and Keel-laying Ceremony of The Indeavour Saga Exhibit. Master of Ceremonies for the event will be Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea.
  • The Indeavour Saga Exhibit is named for John Guy’s ship “The Indeavour,” which was used on his voyage from Cupids to Trinity Bay in 1612. This 34ft wooden vessel played an important role in Newfoundland’s History, as it was the first decked wooden boat built in North America.  The boat was also used to   explore the nearby coast and locate the Beothuk people.   The exhibit itself will be a two–fold experience:
  1. The history of the vessel retold by elaborate illustrations and story boards in the Museum’s main building, featuring works by Robert Haliday, Hilary Cass and and Kevin Coates.
  2. The vessel construction which takes place outside in the boat building shed, where the keel, stem, counter and main frames of this full sized exhibit will come to life.  Winterton Master Boat Builder, Jerome Canning, using the tools, techniques, and skills of the 17th century settlers will build a reconstruction of the Indeavour.
Boat Building Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador

Boat Building Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador

In Cupids:

  • Starting June 14th. The outdoor exhibit entitled, Portraits in the Streets – Cupids 400 hosted by
    Cupids 400 and the National Portrait Gallery of Canada is beginning. The exhibit is a significant part of the Cupids 400 Celebrations and features reproductions of portraits of prominent Canadians. The portraits are a recognition of the historical significance of the 400 year story and proudly highlight Newfoundland and Labrador’s place in Canada. Visitors who stroll through Cupids will see these portraits displayed outside on various buildings on Seaforest Drive.
  • Starting June 15th. . The innovative, Cupids Legacy Centre will be open to the public.

    The Centre is a place “Where the Present Meets the Past” – a place where visitors are encouraged to explore the exotic nature of our landscapes, our waterscapes, our cultural heritage and our people – a place where visitors are encouraged to pause and reflect on their heritage…. our common heritage and perhaps…. in the process of reflection …discover something about themselves. Those who visit this place will be invited to explore the legacies left by their ancestors and will be motivated to ponder their own legacies.

    Illuminating the rich tapestry of history and culture that has defined Cupids’ place at the nexus of Canadian history, the Cupids Legacy Centre will represent a permanent home to a vast heritage that echoes in every field and cove of this remarkable place.

  • On June 17th. The Cupids launch of a Special Edition of Riddle Fence will take place. This book will commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the first English Settlement in Canada along with the history, heritage and culture of Cupids.
  • On June 18th.
    An Evening with British Poet/Author/Broadcaster Seán Street Legacy Hall will be held in Cupids Legacy Centre . Seán Street has published seven collections of poetry, the most recent being Time Between Tides – New and Selected Poems 1981 -2009. He has worked as a radio producer, writer and presenter for many years. His most recent work includes a documentary to mark the 400th anniversary of the first permanent British settlement in Newfoundland, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in February 2010. Time spent in Newfoundland has inspired much of his most recent poetry. 7:30 pm Admission: $5.00
  • On June 19th. The New World Theatre will be opening two of their summer plays. Both will take place on the innovative ‘Indeavour Stage’ which is behind the Cupid’s Haven B&B on Seaforest Drive.

Theatre Sketch of the Indeavour

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Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk

Perhaps, one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Newfoundland and Labrador is the Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk  [AKA Madrock Trail]. Many people who drive along the Conception Bay Highway, passing through Bay Roberts, are unaware of Bay Roberts East, the part of the town which is located on the tip of the Bay Roberts peninsula. The 4 km. walk is through some of the most spectacular scenery in the province, and many of the features built by early settlers, such as root cellars, rock walls, and even an old cemetery have been preserved.

The silence is striking. The only sounds are the cries of birds and the crunch of your foot steps. If you are a member of FaceBook or Flickr, you will see that each person who visits the Shoreline Walk comes home with amazing photos, that reflect what has impressed that particular individual.

Some of the well- known parts of the trail are French’s Cove (the site of early settlement), Juggle’s Cove,  and Fergus Island, which face towards Port de Grave and Bell Island,  Madrock – from which you can see Bell Island (on one side) and Upper Island Cove (on the other), and the Three Sisters, which faces towards Spaniard’s Bay, Bishop’s Cove and Upper Island Cove.

French’s Cove is the site of early settlement.
French's Cove - Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Walk

The set of photos of French’s Cove was taken in the fall, and had an atmosphere that reminded me of fairy stories that I had heard.  On the Flickr set, a number of fairy stories are include with the photos.

Fergus Island is named after a prominent merchant in the community.  From a certain angle, the island looks like a resting Newfoundland dog with its paws stretched in front of its face.
Fergus Island

Madrock –

Madrock offers spectacular views of the ocean, especially when the winds are high. In this photo, Upper Island Cove can be seen in the background. From other angles, Bell Island can be clearly seen.

In front of Madrocks, Upper Island Cove in far background.

The Three Sisters – A Pebble Beach
Mussel Boil on the Beach

During the summer of 2010, the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation is hosting another Mussel boil on the Beach on Sunday, July 11th.

Families from town also come to the beach during the caplin scull.  The caplin roll on the beaches, and families scoop them up to eat fresh or to salt and dry to eat year round.

Caplin Have Arrived

While you are in the Northern Avalon this summer, be sure to visit the Shoreline Heritage Trail. You can call the Bay Roberts office and ask for a guided tour. However, I think just following your own path, communing with nature and enjoying the scenery is an adventure.

Map of the Shoreline Heritage Walk  >  >

Neal O’Leary’s “Have You Ever Fell in Love” accompanies views of the Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk.

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