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Twitter Rescues Email

Sending important emails to busy people can be precarious.

They frequently read email on Blackberries or other handhelds, often on the run or in breaks between meetings.  (We have all observed Barrack Obama reading email on his Blackberry)

In addition, they receive literally hundreds of emails per day.

Messages frequently do not make the intended impact or, even worse, they are totally lost in the quagmire of email.

Ways That Twitter Has Changed That

What lessons about email can be learned from Twitter?

  • Send emails as plain text, being conscious that many are read on handhelds.
  • Compose the subject line carefully to be an attention getter
  • Try to keep your message to 140 words, like Twitter
  • Send shortened link (such as Tiny URL) if person requires more background.
  • Make every word count – use precise vocabulary – take out needless words – do not use complicated, technical words when simple, everyday words carry the same meaning.
  • Most important, focus on the central issue or point – one main idea and send that.

If more needs to be conveyed, add a link to additional information or send a second well written email.

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