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Street View on Bay de Verde Peninsula, Conception Bay Centre, and CBS!

Yesterday, completely by chance, “street view” on Google maps for Route 60 and Route 70 popped up when I was searching for a map for one of the websites we look after.  You can travel both routes, seeing 360 degree views,  in both Conception Bay North and Trinity Bay South, as well as Conception Bay Centre and Conception Bay South.  For the most part the views keep to the two main routes, but all the camera work was done on a beautiful day in the summer of 2009, so that a person who is not familiar with the area can get a good idea of what can be seen, and actually locate addresses that are on the Conception Bay Highway and the Trinity South Highway.

Street View Does Bay de Verde

One town where the view deviates from Route 70 is Bay de Verde. Click the link and you will see clothes on a clothesline on the left and the Bay de Verde Post Office straight and the harbour straight ahead. You just double click to move ahead or back. Amazing!

Google Map Person

Google Map Person

To see a specific spot on the highway, just click on the little yellow person symbol with your mouse, and drag it to the spot on the highroad that you want to see. You will be able to see it at 360 degrees. It is a wonderful way to see exactly where you want to go and to locate a specific place.  So far I have looked at the Conception Bay Highway though Brigus, Bay Roberts, Spaniard’s  Bay, Harbour Grace,  and Carbonear.  It took at look at a great 360 degree view of the Shearstown Estuary.  (Unfortunately, the keep to the highway, so you cannot see the Shoreline Heritage Walk. ) I have also checked out Trinity Bay and you can clearly see Shag Rock from Route 60 and all the communities, such as Blaketown, Dildo, New Harbour, Whiteway, Heart’s Content, and Heart’s Delight. It is certainly the next best thing to being here!

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Summer Season – Busy Time

We have been so busy that time has just run away. Working on Cupids Cove Chatter for Cupids 400 Inc. and working on “The Holdin’ Ground Project” and the “Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation” for the town of Bay Roberts has been very times consuming, but extremely uplifting.

Yesterday, April 8, 2010, there was a press conference in Cupids about “The New World Theatre Project” which is being developed by Aiden Flynn of Rabbittown Theatre in St. John’s.  At a press conference at Cupids Haven  in Cupids on April 7th, 2010, plans for the New World Theatre Project were revealed. The 
Project is 
first season
 the founding
 1610. The New World Theatre Project will explore, present and celebrate the   Guy’s England, particularly what settlers may have seen, heard, or written in the London of 1610. Through ongoing dialogue and consultation with institutions such as Shakespeare’s  Globe (UK) and Shakespeare’s Globe Centre of Canada, the project will provide unprecedented artistic opportunities for Newfoundland theatre artists and provide the community with a new and unique cultural experience.

For more information see the blog which we developed and are maintaining for Cupids 400 Inc. > >

For more photos see Flickr Cupids 400, the Flickr site we maintain for Cupids 400 Inc.  (all these photos were taken by Neddal Ayad >>

Our other big project has been preparing websites for The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation ( ) and the “Holdin’ Ground Project” ( )  In addition, we have developed a YouTube channel for the interviews from the Holdin’ Ground Project.  The students has saved the videos of their interviews, some of which were 30 minutes long  in DVD format. They were converted to AVI format and broken down into segments less than 10 minutes long (since YouTube will not accept videos which are longer than 10 minutes.)  Then those were uploaded to the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation You Tube Channel – > > and linked back to

The interviews are a wonderful way to preserve the memories and knowledge of older citizens in the community.  Mr. Cecil Greenland at 104 is completely amazing, as well as Mr. Ralph Greenland, 80 who is a talented musician. This morning I am uploading stills from the videos to the Baccalieu Consulting Flickr > >.

In addition, we have updated all the Pigeon Inlet related material for the upcoming summer season.  The website for “A Time in Pigeon Inlet” ( ) with a new page about the Russell Family  and Uncle Mose’s Blog ( ) are now ready for the new season.  We have set up “A Time in Pigeon Inlet” Fan Page on Face Book .

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St. Matthew’s Church – the Ascension

Happy Easter from Baccalieu Consulting. The church has always played a major role in communities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

On this Easter weekend, we are celebrating the Resurrection and the Ascension and the hope that they have brought mankind. We are recognizing all the blessings that God has bestowed on us in this beautiful part of the world, where people are free to enjoy their lives in peace and security. At the same time, many of us are also remembering to pray for and give as much help as possible to those that do not enjoy the privileges that we do as part of Canada. Through caring, we can help others.

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