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Placentia Plaisance 350

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Placentia is a beautiful town that I have always loved. In 2012, Placentia is celebrating its 350th anniversary! The early French settlers called the town “Plaisance” – “the pleasant place” and it certainly is that and more. The town is located on a flat plain surrounded by towering hills, including Castle Hill, which is now a National Historic Site.
Intrepid Peggy and Peter - Placentia Mascots
Intrepid Peggy and Peter – Placentia Mascots

On March 20th, on behalf of the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, I attended the announcement of funding for “Placentia Plaisance 350” by the Honourable Peter Penashue Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada on behalf of the Honourable James Moore Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages. Perhaps, the event was a little taste of what is to come – a town crier in full costume, Peggy and Peter – the charming town mascots, guides in period costumes, and enthusiastic and happy organizers including Mayor Bill Hogan, Councillor Wayne Power, Rachelle Connors of Placentia Area Historical Society (PAHS), Elaine Murray and Winnie Berry of the Festival of Flags and proposed International Museum of World Peace, and Rhonda Power and the staff of the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre.
Grave Marker at St. Luke's Anglican Church
Grave Marker at St. Luke’s Anglican Church

Preserved and protected historical sites and landmarks, located around the town, weave a rich story. Castle Hill National Historic Site, the new Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre, the Placentia Court House, St. Luke’s Anglican Church and Cemetery, the Annual Placentia Regatta, the Placentia Heritage Trails, the Placentia Uncovered Archaeology Excavation, the replica of the French Fishing Chaloupe and the O’Reilly House Museum are all places to visit.
Three Sisters Pub and Belle's Resturant
Three Sisters Pub and Belle’s Restaurant

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