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Titanic – 584km or 365mi

Titanic – 584km or 365mi, originally uploaded by eracose.

Directional Signs on Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador showing the direction of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. On April 14, 1912 at 10:25 p.m. Cape Race (which is about 20km from Cabot Tower) received Titanic’s distress call – the letters C.Q.D.- and ten minutes later Titanic’s Phillips sent another wireless message stating Titanic’s position with the infamous added detail, “have struck iceberg”. At 12:27 a.m. (Newfoundland and Titanic time) on April 15 Titanic’s wireless signal abruptly ended and the last link with the land ended. Those who survived, credited the Titanic’s transmissions from the installed Marconi Wireless system with saving their lives.

Cabot Tower is interesting for two reasons this year – besides the incredible scenery.

1. Survivors of the Titanic credited the “state-of-art” Marconi wireless room on the Titanic with saving their lives. In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi had received the first trans-Atlantic wireless message at a position near the tower, the letter “S” in Morse Code sent from Poldhu, Cornwall, United Kingdom. Cabot Tower is on the left. The last wireless message from the Titanic was received at Cape Race, about 20km from Cabot Tower.

2. Construction of tower began in 1898 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland, and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee [1897]. This year is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
Oldest English Settled City in North America
St. John’s – Oldest English Settled City in North America

The Narrows
Cabot Tower from St. John’s Harbour

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“In the Fairies”

Newfoundland is one of the places in the English-speaking world which is well-known for its stories of fairies. However, be warned – our fairies are more like Brothers Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin than Disney’s Tinker Bell.  Although the tradition of believing in these supernatural beings is quickly dying, a number of tales about then still exist in the Baccalieu Trail area. Many people can still describe fairies, as well as tell stories of encounters with them.
In an area with such close ties with the sea, these short tales of the relationship of the people to the land seen strangely out-of-place. Yet, when daily life of the outport is considered, the woods and the barrens are inseparable elements of people’s existence, providing fire wood, building materials, berries, trout, rabbits, partridge, as well as hours of entertainment spent hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. In these stories the affinity of the people for the outdoors is contrasted with their fears. It is possible to emotionally feel the eerie silence of being lost and alone on the barrens or in the woods.

With these photos on Flickr, I have attached fairly stories collected a number of years ago from students at Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts.
Fairy Light - Glowing Jade Green
Fairy Light – Glowing Jade Green

Wild Blueberries
Lost Girl from South River

French's Cove - Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Walk
Fairy Touched.

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“Stunning Natural and Cultural Integrity”

Madrock – Shoreline Heritage Walk – Bay Roberts, Photo: Sandra Roach, originally uploaded by unclemose.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine rated the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador the top rated coastal destination of 99 reviewed in the November – December 2010 issue.  The article quotes one of the reviewers:

Professor Michael Hall, who teaches tourism and marketing at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury. contends that the Avalon Peninsula has struck the right balance, extolling its “stunning natural and cultural integrity.” He goes even further, calling it “one of the best-kept tourism secrets.”

Living and working in the town Bay Roberts, in the Northern Avalon, I am always amazed by the beauty, the fresh air, and the many moods of the Atlantic Ocean.  However, as Professor Michael Hall points out, equally important is the preservation of cultural integrity.

Groups within the city of St. John’s have worked tirelessly to preserve the “stunning natural and cultural integrity” of the city. And in most small towns, like Bay Roberts, people are doing their part.

Withstanding forces that attempt to homogenize North America, so that each place is a cookie cutter version of others, is a difficult path, especially in the tourism industry. Frequently, tourists look for the quaint and unusual, in a Disneyesque environment – where they can observe “the locals,” but retreat to the comfort of accommodations and people similar to those they would experience at home.

What we have, in addition to our magnificent scenery, is a genuine culture and way of life that has developed over hundreds of years. I hope we do not lose sight of that reality to offer “eye candy ” for the tourism industry.

The Late Lloyd C. Rees of CBS

Someone who said that best was the late Lloyd C. Rees of CBS, who passed away recently.   Although we never met in person, we corresponded by email for a several years after I asked permission to use his photos for the Northern Avalon Tourism Association.  He offered his photos free of charge to the Tourism Association, although he expressed reservations about ‘putting our culture on display’ as a product for sale.  His appreciation for the region, especially his home town of Lance Cove, Bell Island, is clear in his photos.

I have included a gallery of a few of the photos, that he gave permission for the Northern Avalon Tourism Association to use, as a tribute to Mr. Rees and his love of the Avalon Peninsula of province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rest in peace, Lloyd Rees. I hope we will always value and support  our unique heritage and culture, and share with each other, and with visitors who appreciate our way of life.

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The Holdin’ Ground Festival and Klondyke Days – 2010

The Holdin’ Ground Festival and Klondyke Days in Bay Roberts are over for another year. With so many things still happening in the town and in the region, it seems more like a beginning than an ending.

Some of the highlights of this year’s events included starting the festival with the launch of the “Holdin’ Ground Project” ( and “The Pigeon Inlet Quilt.” (Pigeon Inlet Quilt Showing ). The two theatre productions: “ A Time in Pigeon Inlet” and ” Salt-water Moon” were very successful and well attended. The Klondyke Days Opening Parade was held on a perfect day with an enthusiastic turn out. (Photos on Flickr)  Supersports Weekend went very well. Fans enjoyed the tribute concert to Neil Diamond at the Canadian Legion. Shopping Days at the Klondyke with the Dragon Boat Race and the Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue Display were enjoyed by everyone. (Photos on Flickr)  The first “Haunting” was held on Coley’s Point with a much larger than expected turn out.  (Photos on Flickr)  The new Klondyke Storyboard was unveiled (Photos on Flickr )  and the Cable Building was officially recognized as a National Historic Site. (Photos on Flickr)

Even though it poured rain during the closing fireworks, there was a tremendous turn out and many said it was the best fireworks they had ever seen!
Fireworks in the Rain.Fireworks in the Rain!

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Summer Season – Busy Time

We have been so busy that time has just run away. Working on Cupids Cove Chatter for Cupids 400 Inc. and working on “The Holdin’ Ground Project” and the “Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation” for the town of Bay Roberts has been very times consuming, but extremely uplifting.

Yesterday, April 8, 2010, there was a press conference in Cupids about “The New World Theatre Project” which is being developed by Aiden Flynn of Rabbittown Theatre in St. John’s.  At a press conference at Cupids Haven  in Cupids on April 7th, 2010, plans for the New World Theatre Project were revealed. The 
Project is 
first season
 the founding
 1610. The New World Theatre Project will explore, present and celebrate the   Guy’s England, particularly what settlers may have seen, heard, or written in the London of 1610. Through ongoing dialogue and consultation with institutions such as Shakespeare’s  Globe (UK) and Shakespeare’s Globe Centre of Canada, the project will provide unprecedented artistic opportunities for Newfoundland theatre artists and provide the community with a new and unique cultural experience.

For more information see the blog which we developed and are maintaining for Cupids 400 Inc. > >

For more photos see Flickr Cupids 400, the Flickr site we maintain for Cupids 400 Inc.  (all these photos were taken by Neddal Ayad >>

Our other big project has been preparing websites for The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation ( ) and the “Holdin’ Ground Project” ( )  In addition, we have developed a YouTube channel for the interviews from the Holdin’ Ground Project.  The students has saved the videos of their interviews, some of which were 30 minutes long  in DVD format. They were converted to AVI format and broken down into segments less than 10 minutes long (since YouTube will not accept videos which are longer than 10 minutes.)  Then those were uploaded to the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation You Tube Channel – > > and linked back to

The interviews are a wonderful way to preserve the memories and knowledge of older citizens in the community.  Mr. Cecil Greenland at 104 is completely amazing, as well as Mr. Ralph Greenland, 80 who is a talented musician. This morning I am uploading stills from the videos to the Baccalieu Consulting Flickr > >.

In addition, we have updated all the Pigeon Inlet related material for the upcoming summer season.  The website for “A Time in Pigeon Inlet” ( ) with a new page about the Russell Family  and Uncle Mose’s Blog ( ) are now ready for the new season.  We have set up “A Time in Pigeon Inlet” Fan Page on Face Book .

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Flickr – My Favourite of the Social Media

A Bald Eagle Couple getting ready to nest in a tree top at Deer Arm. Photo by Mark Robertson Tsang.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and tens of thousands of people from all over the globe are willing to share their high quality images of the part of the world where they live or they have traveled with everyone.

Even better, they share their comments and feelings about what they have observed… and others comment back with words and their own photos.

I prefer Flickr to YouTube because in most cases the quality of the images is better, the posters seem to give more thought to what they are posting, and one good image can be so eloquent.

I prefer Flickr to Twitter because you see the image first and look for text and description afterwords.

On Flickr, every single day, I see a place in our province that I have never seen before or never seen in the way photographer is presenting it. The whole story of the eagle rescue in the winter on Newfoundland’s west coast, and the eagles, sea otter, and ducks in Quidi Vidi Lake right in the middle of St. John’s (the capital of Newfoundland and Labardor), and moose, caribou and seals … and so much more.

Another feature that Karen Chappell, a Newfoundland photographer, has been using is which allows the photographer to pinpoint the exact spot where a photo was taken, and allows the poster to insert GPS coordinates. This is extremely useful in areas with Google Street View, but even in rural areas, it allows people to see photos of the surroundings. Here is what comes up when you type “Cupids, Newfoundland”  — Cupids Newfoundland on

Most people that we follow are from Newfoundland and Labrador or visit the province frequently. We actually administer three Flickr sites:

Baccalieu Consulting’s Flickr Site (Mostly, but not all, photos by Baccalieu Consulting.)

Uncle Mose Flickr Site (Mostly, but not all, photos from and for the Town of Bay Roberts and “A Time in Pigeon Inlet”)

And this new one that we started last month for Cupids 400 Inc.
John Guy’s Flickr Site (Photos by us and by others relating to the 400th Anniversary Celebrations of the birth of English Canada in 1610.)

If you are interested in amazing photos and stories, check the list of contacts on each site.

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