The Town of Brigus

John Jerrett

Town of Brigus Photo: John Jerrett

The Town of Brigus have been our clients since 2006. Considering that the town of Brigus has a population of less than 1000, the number of people who visit the website is amazing. For the month of October, the average number of visitors per day is 164, and the average number of page views per day is 518. In August, the month of the Blueberry Festival, there were a total of 8375 visitors who viewed 38,135 pages. During the past year, there have been 65,297 visitors who viewed 224,534 pages.

Blueberry Festival

Blueberry Festival

We think there will be even more visits this year when the Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador will host Celebrating Bartlett 2009 – a province-wide, year-long program of events and attractions featuring symposia, heritage fairs and ceremonies. Captain Robert Abram Bartlett, a native son of Brigus, was a world-renowned Arctic explorer and mariner during the first-half of the 20th century.

We worked closely with Wayne Rose, the Town Clerk/Manager on the development of the website. He wanted the site to have a strong visual appeal. He was absolutely correct!

As part of the visual appeal, we have included a flash header with photos of various parts of Brigus. We have also included panoramic views of the town which we prepared using javascript. We have also included 7 albums of brigus scenery. The photos which were provided by the town were taken by a number of photographers, each of whom is acknowledged.

Baccalieu Players

Baccalieu Players

We also prepared two maps of the town as PDF documents – a map of the streetsand a map of places of interest.

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