Northern Avalon Tourism Association

The Northern Avalon Tourism Association [NATA] has been a client since 2006 when the Baccalieu Trail, the Killick Coast, and the Admirals’ Coast joined to form one tourism organization. Previous to 2006, we worked with the Baccalieu Trail Tourism Association. In the past year, the NATA website has had 138,427 visitors and 381,674 page views. In the month of July, there were an average of 544 visitors per day and about 1262 page views.

The major work that we do for the Northern Avalon Tourism Association is developing and maintaining their website www.northernavalon.comand designing the Northern Avalon Tourism Guide. The print guide, which is published by Transcontinental Press in St. John’s is approximately 72 pages in length.

Both the website and the printed guide follow the shoreline around the Northern Avalon Peninsula, starting in Whibourne and ending in Logy Bay, Outer Cover, Middle Cove.

The guides contain information about all the tourism businesses in the region including accommodations, activities, tours, arts, crafts, music, restaurants, shopping and services. They also contain information about the regions’ many festivals and events, hiking/walking trails, and museums.

John Guy at the Cupers Cove Soiree in Cupids

John Guy at the Cupers Cove Soiree in Cupids

Both contain information and many pictures of each of the communities along the coast. One of the interesting features of the Northern Avalon Website is “Find that Town.” The website has a separate page for each town in the region that does not have its own website [the pages contain a link to each tourism business in the that town] , and links to the websites of the larger towns that have their own websites. It also has descriptions of a number of smaller uninhabited islands off the coast including Baccalieu Island, Carbonear Island, Dildo Island, and Kelly’s Island.

Dildo Island

Dildo Island

One interesting feature of the website is information about surfing and surf kayaking in New Melbourne.

Surfing in New Melbourne

Surfing in New Melbourne

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